Friday, 31 October 2008

Gampertbräu Förster Gold and Dunkel

I got this pair in my second Franken box. I kinda liked the old geezer on the label, and it's nothing to do with the fact he looks like he's dressed up for a St. Patrick's Day parade. Probably more to do with the huge glass he's holding!

The Gampertbräu Förster Gold is, well, gold! I'm not sure what class of beer this is, as on the Gampertbräu website it just says it's a Spezialbier. Let's call it a Helles for now. The aroma is faint, with bready maltiness under a slight apple and citrus twist. The dominant feature for me was a quinine-like flavour. The body is quite light, so after a brief wash of bready malt, followed by quinine, there is a vague herb-like finish. At least it felt like tonic water mixed with beer. It's ok, but nothing to write home about (well, that's why I started a blog!).

I had better hopes for the Gampertbräu Förster Dunkel which was, well, dunkel! A slightly hazy red-tinged brown to be a little more exact. Initially it seemed a little over-sweet, but it also has a slightly vinous, tannic quality sitting in a medium body. This is a pleasent flavour, but is slightly spoilt by a saccharine-like finish. In fact, the finish is almost bock-like, in a thin diluted way.
Sorry Mr. Gampert, but I promise I will seek out your other beers for go at them.

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