Monday, 3 November 2008

Riedenburger Export Weissbier

I'm not exactly sure what an Export Weissbier is, but this is how this beer was listed in the menu at the Hotel Horger I stayed in a few weeks ago. As the hotel is a Bio-Hotel (read organic), they have a small list of organic beers. After the vile Viva Bavaria, I wasn't sure whether to risk this, but as I always say, you can't judge an entire subgroup of beer on one example.

The Riedenburger Export Weissbier is a cloudy amber with a loose-bubbled head and a constant stream of bubbles. Sparkling. It has a classic bubblegum with a hint of banana aroma. You get exactly the same in the flavour, with a faint toffee hint. Only a little mind, sitting under the gentle clove and almost juicy-fruit like flavours.

This is a pretty decent weissbier. Certainly darker than a regular weissbier, but not a dunkel. It doesn't have as an acidic edge as I find in some weissbiers, possibly because of the slight caramel flavours that bring a nice touch to the whole thing, and it has a dryish finish. If you think organic beers have to taste completely bland, try this, and it might change your mind.

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