Friday, 24 October 2008

Fässla Bamberg: Three of the Dwarves

Another little collection from Bamberg for your perusal, this time from Privatbrauerei Fässla Bamberg, Fässla meaning little cask, with their labels decorated with a little Zwerg (dwarf) rolling out the Fässla itself.

Their Gold Pils is a pale, straw-like yellow with a bready aroma that doesn't come out too strongly. It has a delicate bitter citric note, almost like mandarin oranges. There's a good not-too-sweet malt background supporting this, akin to fresh white sliced pan and a rather pleasent mouthfeel. This balance makes it very easy to drink. Incidently, the strapline on it translates, roughly, as "Guaranteed ripened/matured so it won't hurt your belly". At least that's my translation. Very considerate of them.

The Fässla Lagerbier is slightly hazy. In fact, the haze from my bottle looked like it had a stucture, almost in strands. This didn't put me off, and I wondered if it was chill haze beginning to form (rather than consider the less healthy alternatives). THe aroma is definitely towards the grain end of things compared to the Gold Pils, but there is a distinct grassy hoppiness there. Flavourwise this has a fair hoppy flavour, with slight apple tones, but not much bitterness. The mouthfeel is a little thin and flat. This is a nice enough beer, but it's not my kind of thing. I'd certainly drink another, but not all night.

Finally, the Zwergla. Little Dwarf. Awww. On first pouring this I thought it looked a bit dirty. Perhaps as a true Dwarf should be. On holding it to the light it can be seen to have a slightly hazy, rich chestnut brown. On the nose it's a little fruity, with a marzipan-like quality. There's loads of dried fruit going on in the mouth, and deep down, roasty, toffee notes finishing in a spiciness. This is all held together with a medium body that doesn't get too sticky. I like this. It's firmly malty but clean, despite the raisen hints. Mouthwatering!

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