Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Alt Pott's Landbier

Pott's is a smallish brewery not too far from Munster in a town called Oelde. They're based in a Naturpark area, and they market themselves as such, with their advertisements featuring the likes of a farmer with his prize winning pigs, and a horse that likes getting its belly rubbed (I think! Brace yourself if you click that link above!). Their "Old Pott's Country Beer" was one of the first local beers I had after moving here, at a lovely barbeque at a friends house out in the sticks, so I should really have posted a little tasting note earlier.

I posted before about a couple of Franken Landbiers that did not go down well. I tend to like this subclass of beer, so I was disappointed then, but this makes up for it and shows you can't write off an entire sub-group of beer on a couple of bad experiences. Alt Pott's Landbier has a fruity aroma of the dark, dried type, with a touch of orange zest and chocolate thrown in. The flavour is plummy, with a slight acdity that cleanses the palate. There are roasted malts in here in just enough quantity to give a chocolatey edge. Malt and that slight tartness means it takes a long time for the hops to show themselves, but when they do it's as a gentle, floral/herb-like bitterness. As the beer warms it does get a bit sticky, and the full flavour and warming sensation feels stronger than its 4.8%. Feels good and homely, like a country beer should. And no hop extract!


Thom said...

I think you're doing quite well for selection over there. You warned us that you choice was limited when you first arrived - there was lots of beer but all of the same kind, and I'm sure you could murder a pint of hoppy ale, but I get a little jealous reading about all these tasty beers, especially the price you pay for it!

Adeptus said...

Well, getting in crates from Franken isn't quite the same as having a selection like the PH or B&C in your local. Having said that, drinking at home allows you more choice for sure here, and there's usually something of interest at the big drink markt. But bars are usually pretty limited. Still, I can't complain too much :) And yes, the prices are ridiculous! :D