Friday, 3 October 2008

Bolten's Alt

Bolten's AltA colleague said he wanted to give me a few bottles of his favourite beer (mind you, this was before he tasted my last home-brewed IPA!) as "payment" for helping with some party invitations. That beer was Bolten's Alt from Bolten Brauerei in Korschenbroich, a few kilometres west of Düsseldorf. Bolten's proclaims itself to be the oldest Altbier Brauerei in the world, being established in 1266!

Bolten's Alt is a clear, rich, deep copper-mahogany brown with moderate carbonation. It has a sweet, malty and slightly floral nose. The flavour is in your face malts with an almost malteaser-like tone. Luckily it's not just a sweet sticky malt mess. There's a slightly salty bitterness that builds up to a nutmeg-like spiciness. This is very easy to knock back, and gives a nice tingle on the tongue. Despite going down easy, it leaves a long, warming finish. I'd prefer a little more carbonation to lift the hops out a bit, but this is nice!
I'm looking forward to trying their Ur-Alt.


Boak said...

We had this at a beer festival in Zeitgeist (german pub in London). Can't remember much about it, but we did like it.

Velky Al said...

Sounds like a fantastic beer, Mrs Velkyal asked me last night if I fancied a trip to Dusseldorf sometime, apparently there is a GAP or something there as well as fabulous breweries.

Adeptus said...

It's a tasty drop allright.

Al, if you are making a trip let me know. It's not that far from Muenster.

Velky Al said...

Will do - any time Mrs Velkyal suggests going to Germany my ears pricks up and I start planning.