Saturday 28 February 2009

Lübzer Urkraft

Lübzer Urkraft, another beer from the former East, this time from Lübz, way up in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and another brewery in the Calrsberg stable. The first thing you notice is, of course, the clear bottle, and the ever so cool font for the Urkraft bit. The beer itself is a pale amber leaning towards a slight orange tint. The other thing you notice is how prominent the 6.0% is on the front of the label, not at all like most German labels where it's usually somewhere 'round the back. I was immediately thinking that they are aiming for the type of person who wants a quick blast of alcohol, and doesn't want to be wasting time turning the bottles around in the shop.
On tasting it, I thought it was leaning towards a bock in some respects. A sweety malt thing going on, but less sugary than some bocks. It's quite full-bodied and has a slightly oily texture. There's a citric-edged hop flavour with a hint of nutmeg that fades a little too quickly. A little bit nutty in the background.
This was alot better than I expected, if judging by the cover at least. Still in the mold of a classic German beer, it's not mind-blowing, but surprisingly drinkable.
I just now checked their website, and here's the official description from Carlsberg:
A beer with a special degree of Lübzer taste. A unique combination of zesty flavour and an enriched alcohol content of 6% result in a one and only taste experience. A balanced bottom-fermented beer.
Lübzer Urkraft has a full-bodied, distinctive taste. The glass bottle is transparent, highlighting its contemporary design, and it lets the beer’s amber colour sparkle through.
I'd never have thought of it as being a Pilsner!

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Thomas said...

Finding the abv on German beer bottles is always a challenge. They must consider it incidental. I think it is a good thing because many Irish punters want to know exactly how much of a kick they are getting for their money lest it be too much or, heaven forbid, too little.