Friday 1 November 2013

Save the Date: Braukunst Live! 2014

A year goes by very quick when you're slaving on a house restoration, but now and again, it's good to lift the head up and look for the light, this time in the form of BrauKunst Live 2014. Having been to the first two events, and seeing the 2013 one expand hugely on the 2012 inaugural event, I'm definitely looking forward to 2014. A little earlier than the previous two, BrauKunst Live! 2014 will be held on February 21st to 23rd. If it grows the same way as the last one, I'm wondering if they'll fit in the MVG Museum!

A pretty good event for gauging the growing "craft beer" (and I use the term advisedly, given recent discussions on the blogosphere) scene in Germany, it at least gives the visitor a taste of the changing face of German beer culture, not to mention a decent smattering of international brews. Last year there were over 400 beers listed, so gird your loins, put the dates in the diary, and pop over for a good session.

On an aside, and for clearly selfish reasons, I'd love to see some Irish breweries present, and definitely some more Beoir members, for old-time's sake.