Wednesday 7 July 2010

Hinterländer Marburger Kräusen

A gift from a colleague who was on travels, I was told I'd probably enjoy Marburger Kräusen from the Hinterländer Brauhaus. Well, he said he enjoyed it, so who am I to argue?

With a pleasantly fudgy, grain-like sweetness, and a suggestion of banana, it opens up well enough. This then seems to evaporate on the tongue, leaving a powdery, floral flavour followed by an apple skin-like bitter dryness (you know that kind of apple) and an oddly spiced warmth at the back of the throat. And it's only 5% ABV!  It has elements of a decent, regular German lagerbier, but with hints of something hard to define - fruit, spice, yeast, a light carbonic edge and a really dry finish.

He was right, I did enjoy it.

Monday 5 July 2010

Oettinger Schwarzbier: surprisingly not awful

It's quite possible that this post will be adding insult to the injury being suffered by my poor, neglected blog, as I venture into the cheap world of beer that is Oettinger. Apparently nobody in Oettingen actually drinks it as they send it all away, but then the local beer snobs (probably Becks drinkers, hah! :P) would say that.

Oettinger Schwarzbier is properly schwarz, with just traces of oakey-brown highlights. It's a delicate old thing really, being a little reticent in giving up its aromas (to be fair, it was probably served far too cold) but it does suggest a touch of cherry and chocolate. Wasn't expecting that!

It's a touch thin, but has a pleasant light cara-sweetness with a dusting of roastiness and a cherry cola effect with a bit of a carbonic bite in the finish. It's actually not bad at all. People around here talk of Oettinger as if it's the lowest, but considering the price bracket, it's surprisingly not awful. In fact, on taste alone I'd prefer this to some of the so-called premium pilseners. I could have a few, I reckon, and if we buy a house soon, I'll probably have to!