Saturday, 11 April 2009

Playboy of the Westerwald?

Westerwald, as in Westerwald Brauerei, the makers of Hachenburger Schwarze, the local brewery of my colleague Henning. Hi Henning!

I actually tasted this last October! This is what I meant by spring cleaning my notes. As with pretty much most Schwarzbiers, this is not actually black, but is a nice chestnut brown. The aroma carries slight roasted, toasty hints and touch of fruit too. The flavour is fullish, with raisens on a chocolate base. A little nutty too. There's a grassy hop character lurking in the background which begins to approach freshly cut hay as you near the end.

A reasonably well carbonated beer, I think this is just as well, as it leaves a slight slickness on the lips. Without that carbonation it might do the same on the tongue.

Not a Schwarzbier as I would think of it, but leaning more towards what I think of as being a Dunkel or Landbier. A simple but tasty beer.

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