Saturday, 25 April 2009

Kloster-Gold Hell

Another beer forgotten in my little black book, the Kloster-Gold Hell from Kloster Scheyern provides a strong pine aroma with a touch of sulphur. I'm pretty sure the thoughts of a monastery and Hell together didn't lead me to make up brimstone aromas.

With quite a generous, silky mouthfeel, it's very bready with floral and slightly herbal undertones. It has an almost minty finish, which is rather odd, but it does become more classically bitter after half a bottle, in the gentle, not-terribly-bitter helles sense that is.

It's not a bad beer, but I guess helles just doesn't rock my boat.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree, the helles are rarely exciting stuff.

Barry M said...

I gotta keep trying though, Knut. There's always a real nugget of gold waiting around the corner :)