Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Erdinger Urweisse

Back to German beer, and what better way to return than some Erdinger? Ok, I jest. It's everywhere now. Perhaps not the best of the Weissbiers, but nevertheless, a gateway beer for a large number of people. I guess I still have a soft spot for one now and again, but when I spotted the Erdinger Urweisse while on a Weissbier shopping spree recently, I had to give it a go of course.

Very highly carbonated, I got a glass full of foam even after a very gentle pour, so this took time to fill the glass. It's rich looking, with amber shades leaning towards what I describe as a burnt orange look, kind of like burnt sienna. It has a good spicy aroma redolant of cloves stuck into a fresh orange. So far, so good. The flavour gives warming, earthy cloves, bitter orange, sweet maramalade and a slight touch of pepper. Hmm, So far, so better. It has a dry finish, adding to the moreishness of it. A very tasty weissbier.

The Urweisse hut looks like a fun place to be.


The Beer Nut said...

Saw this in England last week and was wondering what it was.

Sounds lovely. I do like a peppery weissbier.

Oblivious said...

It does sound interesting, so its its Erdinger version of aromatic hefe?

Leigh said...

We've been enjoying this in Leeds for the last month, as North Bar have seemed to have found a regular supply. It really is good, so much more depth that original Erdinger. I must try and find some in bottles. My estimation of Erdinger has jumped up since we started quaffing this.

Barry (Adeptus) said...

Yes, definitely richer in flavours than the regular one.

Oblivious, I'm not sure what an aromatic hefe is actually. In German terms when they stick an Ur in front of the name they mean it's like an original, or ancestor (like Ur Opa is great grandfather) and beers with such a designation are usually a bit more flavoursome, and sometimes a little stronger. Bolten's Ur-Alt comes to mind.

Barry (Adeptus) said...

Actually, Leigh, that's great you're getting it (the beer I mean) on tap. I wonder has it made it into any Irish bars yet.