Friday, 10 July 2009

BrewDog Zeitgeist

After reading TheBeerNut's comments on BrewDog's Zeitgeist, I felt compelled to crack open the bottle the brewer's sent to me while I was brewing this week.

A deep, dark mahogany with ruby red hints, very clear and with an apparently low carbonation, this wafts off thick toffee and plum jam-like aromas. So far, so mouthwatering, and it doesn't stop there. I like my Schwarzbiers, and here in Germany beers of that type vary wildly from over-sweet to plain tasteless, but with lots of really excellent, clean-tasting blackness to choose from. This is a bit different. It has a rich chocolatey, toffee and marzipan thing going on with a good dose of roasty bitterness in the finish. Bitter chocolate. The bottle I had was almost flat, but it fitted the chewiness quite well, enhancing the full mouthfeel. Very tasty and moreish, although I'd like to have a few more to really make up my mind. Today, Evan Rail told me, via Twitter, that this was inspired by a Czech Schwarzbier called Herold Bohemian Black, so I'd love to try that too!

A few fellow bloggers have broadcast that BrewDog have created a Zeitgeist site through which people can buy discounted Zeitgeist (by entering the discount code "SHEEP" while ordering) and can then contribute content to the blog section of that site. I commented over on Impy Malting that I thought it was a bit ironic that BrewDog -- while extolling non-conformity on the label --is tempting the drinkers of Zeitgeist to all gather in one site, forming a flock of sorts, while possibly cheekily getting said users to baa SHEEP while ordering the beer.

I think I'll be placing my order soon. Baaaaaaaaaa!!!

Edit: Well, I was disappointed to find that overnight, or possibly during the day, the delivery cost for 24 bottles of Zeitgeist to Germany had risen from £20 to £35, raising the price per bottle from €1.30 to €2.05 (with that wonderful 70% discount). Looks like I won't be bothering with that tasting session here after all...

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Saruman said...

I just ordered 24 myself, same £35 delivery charge. Still its cheaper than buying it locally here I would say.