Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Brewdog Hardcore IPA

I'm really dragging these BrewDog tastings out a bit, aren't I? Put it this way, I can't buy the damn things here, so while the rest of beer civilisation is going ape (in either the + or - direction) about Tokyo*, I'm savouring every drop of non-German beer I have.

BrewDog Hardcore IPA. I had it before in Dublin's Porterhouse, finding it had toffee undercurrents to the heavily pithy bitterness. I liked it. So, how would it be in the comfort of my own home?

The lighting is better in my living room, so I could at least see the clear golden amber colour. Also, my living room is freer of kitchen and pub aromas, so I could get a few more nuances out of it. Elderflower. What? Well, yeah, I found a quite strong, fresh elderflower aroma in there (we did a lot of elderflower picking earlier in the year, so I should know!) lurking under the big grapefruit and subtle malty, toffee aromas. I found this quite striking, and it actually came across in the flavour too. Quite a good balance between caramely malt, drying grapefruit bitterness and an earthy, floral, passion fruit wash in the middle that is delicious. I think it's safe to say I enjoyed it much more this time 'round, despite a slight cardboard hint in the finish.


Chris said...

I picked up the Hardcore and Punk IPAs today. Probably will drink them tonight if I can find an accomplice. Not sure I will get Elderflower as I have no idea what that smells like...

Barry (Adeptus) said...

I'm not sure how I could even describe elderflower Chris, but I liked this beer!

Did you drink it last night?