Thursday, 5 December 2013

Advent Beers 2-4: a mixed bag

Day 2 brought Meckatzer Weiss-Gold, which at least does what it says on the bottle insofar as it's a nice buttery gold. Aroma-wise, it shared some traits with day one's beer, with honey notes, but with added natural rubber and grass. Disappointing on the flavour-stakes, being dull and flabby. Held in the mouth, it's grainy and sweet, and it only releases a spark of life just on the swallow, with a flash of citrus which quickly devolves into something resembling washing up liquid. The finish is unpleasant. Sadly, I had been expecting more from this, as the back label declared it to be an "independent beer type in the premium class". Well, OK, I guess I got what I deserved if I believed that kind of marketing.

Day 3 was a nice surprise. Riegele's Augsburger Herren Pils.. I'd had only one experience with a Riegele beer at BrauKunst Live! 2013, but had heard many good things about them in general. Another golden beer, with a long-lasting, rocky head. A bready, mildly spicy aroma is followed up with a grassy, lightly fruity )pears came to mind) flavour. Despite that, the word crisp came to mind. It finishes long, with an assertive, clean bitterness and a warming pepperiness. A touch metallic, perhaps, but that didn't detract from a well-made, properly refreshing beer experience. I've said it before, I have to try more from this brewery.

And on to the 4th of December, and Weltenburger Kloster Asam Bock. With a back label swathed in several languages, all of which make a big deal of it being a Bayerisches Bier )and of course the obligatory Reinheitsgebot proclamation), I'm guessing they export a lot. A deep mahogany with ruby highlights, it's an attractive beer for a cold December evening. Fruity (Pflaumenmus, blackberries), dark toffee, husky and a touch vegetal, the aroma both pleased and worried me, but the huskiness was at least muted on the flavour. Predominantly tasting of burnt sugar, or maybe golden syrup, caramel, dried fruits and a bit woody. The finish suggests demerara sugar, with a pinch of cinnamon, which all sounds like a wonderful Christmas treat. I have to admit, I liked it fine, but it got a bit dull and monotone, with the sweetness creeping up a bit, like many (but I stress, not all!) German Bockbiers do.

So a mixed bag indeed for the past three days, but in balance good! 20 more to go!

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