Thursday, 11 September 2008

A night off work

I'm off to Pinkus Müller for a few beers with colleagues this evening. I'm not bringing my notebook, but it made me wonder what non-beer-geeks would think of a Paddy scribbling notes and taking photos of every beer he has.

I think I'll take a night off tonight and just bask in the refreshing beers that Müller do!


Alistair Reece said...

Was sat in a pub in Prague last night taking pics with my mobile of the beers I had - you certainly get some strange looks, perhaps sometime I should put my kilt on and really give them a thing or two to talk about.

Barry M said...

Especially if you walk over an air vent and do a Marilyn Monroe on it!

We actually ended up in a different bar on the same street as Müller, as my colleagues reckoned Müllers was for tourists, and the area in general full of students (just not this time of year). As it was, I ensured they understood that I am still effectively a tourist here in Münster, and I think they enjoyed that. :) I think they'd even think notebook scribbling and taking photos of beers would be "normal" for me :D

Unfortunately the camera on my phone is really crap, but I do have a small camera that I can keep in a shirt pocket

Alistair Reece said...

That's one sight I am not sure Prague is ready for - it was bad enough being stared at walking up the street to my wedding in July with my brother and cousin. I got the feeling that 3 rather large Scots in kilts was somewhat intimidating. Thank goodness we left the pipes and drums at home.