Sunday, 13 June 2010

Ulrichsbier (now mine) and Echt Veldensteiner Landbier

It's not Ulrichsbier, it's mine! Ahh, fond memories of Terry's Chocolate orange, for some reason. Haven't had one in ages! Ulrichsbier from Berg Brauerei Ulrich Zimmermann, down near Ehingen, is nothing like chocolate, or orange, however. It has a yeasty, fruity nose with a touch of caramel, and on first sip, delivers a really soft, creamy mouthfeel. It has a juicy malt-edged-fudge flavour, with toasted bread and some fruitiness, reminiscent of mild cherries. It has a gentle hop profile, giving just a hint of spicy bitterness. Quite like this really. Süffig!

Leaning a little more towards chocolate, perhaps, is Echt Veldensteiner Landbier from Kaiser Bräu, Neuhas an der Pegnitz, not too far from Nuremberg. Just a little, mind. I really like its richly, red-hued amber, topped with a creamy head, and the flavour lives up to what I expect from such a rich-coloured beer, with toffee, a slight plumminess up front, chocolate filling in the mid-ground and toasted edges. This comes on a little more in the finish, with a waft of burnt toast and a gentle, grassy bitterness. Combined with a soft mouthfeel, this combines for a rather tasty treat.

And yes, these are notes I'm dragging out of my dusty notebook. Plenty more where that came from!

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