Thursday, 17 June 2010

Splash of the Titans

Last February I bought a stash of US beers from the likes of Flying Dog, of which I still have to finish up the big dogs now that I think of it (Canis Major, you know), and some Left Hand Brewing ones. Perhaps stupidly, I only ordered a couple of beers from Great Divide, as I'd really enjoyed their Yeti at the opening of Beer Temple in Amsterdam last year. But, whatcha gonna do? The box would only hold so much.

One that I did get, was Great Divide Titan IPA, how can you resist a name like that, when you've grown up loving movies like Jason and the Argonauts (although that was some time before my birth!)? Titan is a slightly hazy copper-amber with bubbles moving slowly to feed a creamy, broken head. Looks like there's crystal malt in there. Great! It's got a rich, sweet aroma with lashings of hops: orange pith dominant with undertones that suggest strawberries and fresh pine. It's got a good chewy body and mouthfeel. I expected some sort of hop assault (not that I object to being harangued by hops), but while full of those really juicy hop flavours that are so apparent on the nose, the bitterness takes a moment to shine through. When it does, it's big, broad and chewy, if that can make sense for something that's bitter. The finish is long and dry, despite a lingering caramel sweetness, yet it feels strangely thin considering the big boldness of the main event, and after a while began to feel a little one dimensional. Still, a rather enjoyable, juicy, hop-driven beer.


DrJohn said...

"Chewy" indeed! I had this on tap last year in Rome; I found it full of flavour. There's "eating and drinking" in it, you wouldn't sink too many of them!

Ales to Lagers said...

I absolutely love Titan IPA. It's probably up there in my top 3 favorite IPAs...I have to say that it is even better on draft. I am lucky enough to have it brewed right down the street.

Barry M said...

Hey, John, long time no see :) No, not a session beer by any means, but I think I could force down a couple ;)

AtoL, what are the other two in your top three list? :)