Sunday, 18 April 2010

Rothaus Märzen Export

Rothaus really is in the bowels of the Black Forest and, from the air at least, the brewery dominates the little settlement there. It would have been nice to visit that area while we were on holiday in Baden-Württemberg the past two weeks, but it's a hell of a distance for a day trip. Luckily, their beer is pretty popular in Baden-Württemberg (and particularly in the former Baden part where my wife is from). I've had their Pils many times before, and wrote a little about it when I did a stupid blind tasting involving BrewDog 77 (yes, what was I thinking?), but till last week, I'd not had the pleasure of their Märzen. Or at least didn't think I had, as some sources indicate that this is the same as their Eis Zäpfle. I've had that one before, from the neck while building a table-tennis table, but I digress.

Rothaus Märzen Export pours paler than I expected, but is a decent gold-amber. It has a sweet, honey-like malt profile with a slightly oily hop feel. There are touches of candy floss, clean pine, resin and a strangely minty finish. Not sure where this fits in the Märzen gamut, but it is a decent, if unexciting, beer. Kinda charming, but that could be because of Birgit Kraft on the label giving me the glad eye.


Laurent Mousson said...

Indeed, Rothaus Eis Zäpfle is just the 33cl version of the beer known in other formats as Rothaus Märzen Export.
The label of Eis Zäpfle actually bears the words "Märzen Export" :

Barry M said...

Now that you say it, I seem to recall that on the label.

Any idea why they rename/rebadge the beers based on the size?

Leigh said...

It is, a cute-ass label, that's for sure.

Laurent Mousson said...

Well AFAIK it all started beacause of a nickname givenby locals to the 33cl Rothaus Pils : Tannenzäpfle, i.e. spruce cone, as it roughly has the size and colour of the real thing... well, it's closer to it than the 50cl at least.

The Weizenzäpfle (no specific meaning AFAIK) and Eiszäpfle (icicle) appeared about 6 or 7 years ago as they also launched the Hefeweizen and the Märzen Export in 33cl bottles.
But indeed that's mostly creating confusion. :o)

Mark said...

I got a few of the Rothaus beers from Beermerchants this week - looking forward to trying them. Cask in London has got the Pils and Hefe on tap and they are both good.

Barry M said...

Leigh, yeah, it is kinda sute, and a bit iconic by all accounts. I think the name Tannenzäpfle is also cute (aww, that little "le" diminuation :D).

Laurent, it took me a while to figure out that Tannenzäpfle and the Pils were one and the same thing. Both are quite popular at my in-laws home town, especially with my uncle-in-law and sister-in-law! I suppose Tannenzäpfle also makes sense from a flavour perspective, as there is a bit of a resinous jive going on.

Weizenzäpfle makes sense, if it's just based on the smaller size, but Eiszäpfle confises me. I have to admit, when I had a few bottles of Eiszäpfle a few years ago, I initially assumed it was some sort of Eisbock. Don't get it.

Mark, haven't had the Weizen yet. I should have done the trio while down south. The EKU 28 distracted me :D