Saturday, 3 April 2010

Hasen-Bräu Oster-Festbier

For the time of year that's in it. Hasen-Bräu Oster-Festbier has a spicy and somewhat vegetal aroma with a hint of something that reminds me of nothing more than stewed rhubarb. It has quite a medley of subtle flavours. Again, a spiciness, with a faintly cinnamon-like touch. Running behind this comes some fruity tones: hints of banana and apple. The malt profile is crisper than I normally expect from a festbier, which often lean towards very sweet, chewy malts, and this is ok with me. It does certainly have a light caramel sweetness. The finish is lightly carbonic and there's a pepperiness adding to the spicy effect. Not a long finish by any means, but it it leaves a good enough impression going down.

The Germans are great for their seasonal festbiers, but although I'm told there's lots of Easter beers, I haven't been able to find any. This was given to me by my neighbour. I kinda like the fact the the brewery has an appropriate, modern-day Easter-themed name, and their logo just needs a bit of tweaking to turn it into a proper Easter bunny!

Looking forward to May, as I've a small stash of Mai-Bocks lined up.

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