Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Going back to beer from my wife's home region of Baden-Württemberg, one brand that makes a regular showing when we're down that way is Stuttgart's Dinkelacker, now part of Dinkelacker-Schwaben Bräu, apparently the largest brewery in that state. They do a few beers under this label, but I think I've only had the two shown below, and perhaps one of their festbiers, but they haven't left much of an impression on my memory, being the kind of beers that get brought to BBQs where the company is more important than analysing the beer. Nevertheless, here's a bit of analysis, otherwise I wouldn't be arsed writing this blog!

Dinkelacker CD-Pils (the CD standing for Charles Dinkelacker, the founder of the brewery in 1888) has a bready aroma with hints of lemony hops that I associate with decent German pils, but also an intriguing touch of sulphur, which put me in mind of burnt matches. Never noticed that before, and not sure if I would again, but I'll be sure to try. The flavour continues the theme with a light malt sweetness and reasonable noble hop flavours with a lemony edge dominating, all wrapped up in a soft mouthfeel. The finish delivers a gentle, slightly spicy bitterness, a light malt coating and is leaning towards dry, just about. A decent enough every-day pils.

Dinkelacker Privat Pils, the slightly bigger sister at 5.1%,  is a clear, pale gold and looks almost effervescent. The aroma suggests sweet malt with a touch of honey and a slightly yeasty backdrop. It has a soft malt body which has relatively sweet caramel-like tones, yet is clean-tasting. There are some traces of fruit notes, hinting of melon and peach, and the mild, spicy hops give a delicate peppery edge to the finish. The finish also has a carbonic touch, but overall it's reasonably long, sweetish and spicy. It's all done with a gentle touch, so don't go expecting a fruity, spicy overload. It's more a delicate balance that, for me, makes this a rather nice, drinkable pils.

Dinkelacker translates as spelt field, which is handy to know if you want to order spelt (the dinkel part!) bread. Who said beer wasn't edumacational?


Barm said...

Dinkelacker never impressed me much, but I never bothered to make any tasting notes either. A brewery making two different Pils is fun though.

Russ said...

Having spent a semester studying in Reutlingen in college, Dinkelacker will always have a special place in my heart. Now when are you going to deliver on your promise to review Das Schwarze? :-)

Barry M said...

Barm, yes, it is really I suppose. Nice to see how one brewer can do different interpretations (and then wonder why they bother with the one that isn't as tasty :D)

Hah! I thought nobody noticed that, Russ. Actually, I was just thinking that I should have gotten more of the Schwabenbraeu beers to do a single post on a them. So, I could wait, but if you want it, it'll come next :D

Russ said...

No hurry, Barry. Just wanted to make sure you didn't forget!