Monday, 14 December 2009

Warka Strong

My neighbour left a couple of these Warka Strong beers on my doorstep during the summer, bless him. He seems to like his stronger beers, and at 7% ABV, this is a reasonably strong Polish beer.

The aroma is reminiscent of burnt, buttered popcorn, apples on a slight caramely backdrop. The flavour delivers a similar first impression, again with butteredcorn, peardrops, hints of banana, but all in a terribly artificial way which makes your gums tingle. This is not an easy-drinker, as it's pretty sweet, and going completely flat after a few minutes does nothing to help. I reckon you need some fizz to make this feel lighter and a any way palatable.

Tramp juice came to mind, but I have no idea how much it cost.


The Beer Nut said...

Sold throughout Dublin, wherever tramps feel like a change from the Linden Village. Not tried it. Yet.

Barry M said...

I think I still have a bottle in the cellar. Maybe it's aged well over the past few months :)

Bailey said...

Even in Poland only tramps drink this, as far as I can tell. Eugh.

Barry M said...

Well, I've one bottle left. I might bring it with me next time I go on a pub crawl near the train station :P