Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Löwenbräu-Buttenheim Pilsner

Described on the label as "hopfenherb", Löwenbräu-Buttenheim Pilsner pours a slightly hazy yellow due to a little bit of sediment in the bottle. The label also proclaims that it's been bottled at the brewery itself, so presumably it's unfiltered. Or relatively unfiltered. It has a sweet malty aroma cut with citrus that leans towards lime. While the flavor also gives straighforward maltiness, there's an almost cherry-like note. Faint I'll admit, but there ya go. There's a faint spicey/peppery/gingersnap warmth in the middle, but unfortunately it doesn't hang around long enough, and the bitterness doesn't really build up. Still, if hopfenherb indocates interesting hop flavours, this does have it, but you have to concentrate. As usual, it's probably better from the brewery tap.


Mike Ring said...

Hey Bar - When I first reached legal drinking age here (or Dad thought I had by virtue of my enlistment in the Marines) one of the first beers I had was Lowenbrau, though to be fair, it was the watered-down version we get here in the states. I wish we'd had this version back in the early 80s. Perhaps I'd have found good beer earlier.

Adeptus said...

Hi Mike,

I wonder was that stuff you got from Löwenbräu AG, in Munich. I've come across a few Löwenbräus at this stage, so the location, as well as the taste, is the way to differentiate :D

By the way, I havn't forgotten your package. I'm just bloody slow... The GIIPA still hasn't been opened. Waiting for a special occasion, or an emergency :D