Saturday, 3 January 2009

Hofbräu München Festbier

A bit late parhaps, but just look at that festive photo! Don't you wish it was Christmas every day? No? Me neither. However, this bottle was left outside my front door by the beer fairies living across the hall, and they don't even celebrate Christmas. Bless them.
The Hofbräu Festbier weighs in at 6.3% and has a very faint citric aroma on a bready base. I found it to be dryish, verging towards sour grapefruit and perhaps bitter almond. Perhaps a little astringent. This all sits on a toasty, biscuity backdrop, but the hops to stay to the fore. Given its strength, it's not surprising a slight alcohol warmth comes out too.
This isn't bad, but I came away from it thinking I probably wouldn't drink more than one as it felt a little lacking in body. I expect my festive beers to be a little more luscious, but still, it's the thought that counts.

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