Thursday, 1 March 2012

Propeller Nachtflug Imperial Stout

The box of Propeller beers I ordered a few weeks ago consisted of nine bottles of their Aufwind IPA, and nine Imperial Stouts, going by the name of Nachtflug (Night Flight). Having drank five of these by now, I suppose I'm ready to give an opinion!

Propeller Nachtflug is properly dark and oily-looking, with a rocky brown head to match. Sumptuous-looking to be sure. The aroma is subtle, with raisins, raspberries, cocoa and just a touch of roasted grains and a slight vegetal note. It had a pleasantly smooth mouthfeel, and, for a 9.1% German beer, is remarkably non-sticky, and deceptively easy to knock back. Flavours include berries (cherries even!), dark chocolate and a surprising splash of citrus. There's a vague yeastiness in the background, adding an element of fresh bread dough. Where it really comes into it's own is on the swallow, with a long finish that is redolent of peppery dark chocolate, a bite of orange rind and a decidedly vinous feel. Lovely. In the gamut of Imperial Stouts, it leans towards the lighter end of the body scale, but it ticks plenty of boxes to keep the drinker interested, and it goes great with some strong cheese and home-made bratwurst. But then I say that about most beers I like!

I feel this is definitely better off the shelf, preferably near room temperature.


Bailey said...

Looking forward to your forthcoming beer and food matching book "Great With Bangers".

Are any of these new wave German breweries going to make a Christmas beer worthy of the name, do you think? (As opposed to a lager with a dash of caramel and less hops.)

Barry Masterson said...

That's a splendid idea!

Bier und Bratwurst: A secret companion.

I have to admit, I never get to try as many Christmas beers as I'd like, so I don't have a good enough sample. But to answer your question, probably not :) I'll start petitioning though. What would you like to see in a German Weihnachtsbier? Wouldn't a nice, rich Imperial Stout do the job nicely, warming your chestnuts by the fire?

Bailey said...

It wouldn't have to be crazy, just a bit stronger, darker, and maybe hopped for spiciness. Not keen on beers with bloody cinnamon in, personally.

Gerrit (@geo21481) said...

Bailey: yes.


We still haven't tried our bottle (they were that rare that they were being rationed…), but in general I trust Felix's judgement. I suppose we ought to drink it before spring arrives! :)

Barry Masterson said...

I'm really going to have to go to Bad Rappenau to visit Thomas...