Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Hinterländer Marburger Kräusen

A gift from a colleague who was on travels, I was told I'd probably enjoy Marburger Kräusen from the Hinterländer Brauhaus. Well, he said he enjoyed it, so who am I to argue?

With a pleasantly fudgy, grain-like sweetness, and a suggestion of banana, it opens up well enough. This then seems to evaporate on the tongue, leaving a powdery, floral flavour followed by an apple skin-like bitter dryness (you know that kind of apple) and an oddly spiced warmth at the back of the throat. And it's only 5% ABV!  It has elements of a decent, regular German lagerbier, but with hints of something hard to define - fruit, spice, yeast, a light carbonic edge and a really dry finish.

He was right, I did enjoy it.


Velky Al said...

Certainly looks the part there. The suggestion of banana you mention there reminds me of the Svijany beers from the Czech Republic.

Bailey said...

That's a cool name. You only really hear the word hinterland used in English as part of the phrase "urban industrial hinterland", describing the setting for Bladeruner.