Sunday, 30 May 2010

Still Cheap: Wüllners Braumeister Landbier

After posting that little bit about Wüllners Braumeister Premium Pilsener a couple of days ago, imagine my delight when I spotted crates of their Landbier while beer shopping yesterday afternoon. Despite working out at about 40 cent for a 330ml bottle, I wasn't going to risk buying a whole crate, never mind how cheap it is!

A lovely reddish-amber, Wüllners Braumeister Landbier is at least more visually appealing than it's paler sister, but that's not what counts. The flavour if pretty grainy, with a touch of caramelised malts adding a pleasant sweetness. So far so pretty good. However, the hops bring up the rear guard with a resinous, slightly plasticky feel (I'm blaming the hop extract again!) and it finishes a little astringent, with a vaguely medicinal, or fennel-like note haunting the back of the throat. After a good start, it just falls over and doesn't appeal to my taste at all. Shoulda got some of those Pilseners!

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