Monday, 26 October 2009

Zischke Kellerbier

Zischke Kellerbier, presumably brewed as well as being bottled by Königsbacher in Koblenz, but owned by Karlsberg Brauerei in Hamburg. A cloudy, yellow affair with hints of almonds and lemon on the nose. This continues in the flavour with a definite lemony streak with a light carbonic tingle, but it does go down quite smoothly. There's a malty backbone tying to come out, but it disappears under the lemon. Sweet and refreshing, it's almost like 7-Up with a malt body. Radler anyone?

Yes, I'm scouring the dregs of an old notebook as a way of building up into more regular posts again. Gotta clear the dross :)


Bailey said...

No shame in that. I'm sure you've got a "Good German Bottled Beer Guide" in the works... if not, why not?

Even better if it's an ebook, free and licensed under Creative Commons....

Barry M said...

It's been one of those months, but thankfully one with rewards for my labours at the end of it all :)

Never thought of that. Over the past year I've hardly scratched the surface, and even now I'm hard pressed to state which are my favourites. Well, I probably could if I looked back properly. And there's so much more to discover! i shall consider your idea though! :)

Thom said...

I've had a hell of month too. Stuff on top of other stuff and all the while the bloody blog needles me. I haven't had time to drink any beer at all. I have been subsisting on bargain basement Brooklyn Lager from Tesco. No complaints there but a lot of the beer I have stashed requires a bit of savouring and I haven't had a chance.

If you keep going at this rate you will have a very comprehensive list of German bottled beer.