Saturday, 26 September 2009

Prösslbräu Adlersberg Bayerisch Dunkel

A bit like the Augustiner Weissbier, I had this sitting about for a bit before I realised the dates were going. This one was nearly two months past by the time I drank it, but sod it.

Prösslbräu Adlersberg Bayerisch Dunkel (now there's a mouth full) is a dark, ruby-tinged, chestnut brown with a dense, tan head. With a lot of German beers of this colour you can expect considerable malt sweetness, often verging on sugary, but this displayed clean, simple malt flavours. There's a light touch of toffee, a little fig, and a slight fruity tartness, like a squirt of apple juice, but certainly not sour. It finishes with an ever-so-gentle roasty bite. Very sinkable, even outside the date. I'll have to try it again a bit fresher.

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