Thursday, 20 August 2009

Berghammer Kupfer

Here's a quicky back-to-German-beers one for you. Kupfer means copper, so the name alone intrigued me. And the colour of the beer? Well, yes, it is kind of coppery. Very old copper that is. A lovely, rich, dark amber.

The aroma is sweet, in a herbal way, with hints of burnt toast. I was expecting this to taste along the lines of a sugary-sweet dunkel, but it's not. Sure, there's a dark toffee undertone, but to me, the hops and the roasted notes really stood out. Clean, warming, spicy hops that give a dry, bitter finish, and that slightly burnt note really combine well. There's a slight carbonic edge too, but it feels right. Interesting in the right way. As the beer warms more toffee malt comes out, and a grassy middle-ground is introduced. Berghammer Kupfer. A lovely beer. Many thanks to Reinhard for giving me a couple of bottles after a trip down to that area.

You can get more of an idea of it on their website.

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