Monday, 11 May 2009

Brewdog Chaos Theory

Another sample from the box of delights sent by BrewDog, Chaos Theory, a "predictably random ipa", is an attractive clear amber with reddish notes. The aroma is quite grapefruity, but with a richness, like chocolate or toffee lending some support. In the mouth you are given generous hop flavours reminiscent of bitter orange, grapefruit, grass and pine all on a soft caramel body with fruity undertones. The body is full and smooth and there's a nice warming effect going down (which might have something to do with the 7.1% ABV, but maybe not). The finish is long and resinous with an orange-pith dryness.

Quite different in character to the Atlantic IPA, nevertheless, this is very satisfying and another one from the BrewDog kennel that I could have several of in one sitting.

Pop on over to see Velky Al's thoughts on BrewDog Chaos Theory at Fuggled. Some international synchronised tasting going on!

These bottles were sitting on a shelf in my office for a couple of days. That in itself is not unusual as sometimes my office looks like a beer store. But, the labels got several comments from the German colleagues. I like them too, including the "neck like a jocky's bollox" text that comes on most of them.


Velky Al said...

I do love the warmth that comes with Chaos Theory, put in mind of a nice glass of Talisker 10 year....

Lost said...

I want some! Grapefruit + chocolate sounds nifty.