Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Copenhagen, here I come.

I got my marching orders today. I'm off to Copenhagen on Sunday evening to make a meeting on Monday. And my flight back is later than I would like -- from a getting home before midnight perspective -- but that does mean that I'll have a bit of time to be a tourist for a change. My friend Mr. BeerNut has already tipped me off about Ølbutikken for shoping and Nørrebro Bryghus, Brewpub and Apollo for drinking, and I hope food too. I want a nice spot to drop into on Sunday night for a feed of food and beer. Thanks to I've got some idea of where to head, but as yet, no idea where to stay.

If things go well over the next month or so, Copenhagen could become a regular spot for short tips for me. Fingers crossed!


grove said...

Hotel Sct. Thomas
is a decent budget hotel next door to Ølbutikken:

Adeptus said...

Thanks for the tip. Actually, Mr. Nut also recommended that spot. In the end I was saved the trouble as our business partner went ahead booked me into the Grand without telling me, which is also fine by me. It's just a few hundred metres down the road from Ølbutikken, right close to Apollo and Brewpub. That'll tempt me away from the walk to Nørrebro maybe. Is it worth the walk if the other two are on my doorstep? :)

Knut Albert said...

Ølbutikken is unlikely to be open on a Monday, check on ratebeer for alternatives. An alternative is to buys some takeaway bottles from Nørrebro. Nørrebro is much to be preferred before Apollo and BrewPub.

Adeptus said...

Thanks Knut. I caught your comment before I left the office to head back to Copenhagen city centre. As I only had an hour to spare yesterday before having to head back home, I couldn't make it to Nørrebro, and didn't want to risk finding Ølbutikken closed, so I used it to pop into Brewpub instead. I did pick up some bottles in a supermarket while out in Charlottenlund though. More of that anon :)