Thursday, 4 December 2008

Brauerei & Gaststätte Greifenklau

Back to regular programming after the Ireland trip! A quicky this time before I go back to making lists of gifts I need to buy.

One of the last from my first Bamberg Box, the Brauerei & Gaststätte Greifenklau Lager poured a golden honey. At first I thought grassy, like having a bit of hay in your mouth. It's definitely got hops, but not much in the way of bitterness. They give the grassiness and a slight lemony hint. Underneath this is a pleasent earthiness and while the finish is ok, I didn't really find it thrilling. I guess I was missing the beer garden and wonderful view that Boak and Bailey reported!


Andy Holmes said...

And of course in Bamberg the beer comes straight from the brewery, not from the bottle.

Adeptus said...

To be honest, when I have the choice it always seems like my taste usually leans towards the bottled version of a beer, with only a few exceptions. Weird eh? :)

Actually, is it cask or keg in Greifenklau?