Sunday, 17 August 2008

Seal of (dis)approval

A kind of inofficial arrangement has developed over the past month or two with our next-door neighbours. It started off with them giving us a jar of home made jam (delicious!) and then me giving them some new beers to try, them reciprocating, and me giving them some of my home made beer, and them... well, suffice to say that we're frequently leaving little gifts outside each others door. All very neighbourly. For example, tonight I came in from town to find two bottles of Löwenbräu Oktoberfest waiting for me. I'm sure I've had this at the one ond only time I've been to Munich for the 'fest, but I can't remember. It was a while ago.

Anyway, one of the other gifts I received a couple of weeks ago - in exchange for a bottle of an IPA I had made - was a pair of Dortmunder Union Siegel Pils. I had been looking forward to trying this, as I wanted to try their Export, but haven't found it locally yet, so anything from DUB was welcomed. The Siegel Pils label looks very industrial or something. Maybe it's just me, but that big U with the bits on top of it make it look like the logo of a shipyard or something. But appearances can be deceiving. Once out of the bottle, this Pils is an attractive pale straw colour with lots of carbonation resulting in a thick fluffy white head. Decribed on the label as Feinherb Frisch, the aroma is distinctly fine hops. Delicate, but assertive at the same time. But this didn't come out too well in the taste. Although there is a bready maltiness, I can't help but think burnt plastic every time I swallow a mouthful. The bitterness builds up on the palate after a bit, but the sulphery, plasticy aftertaste ruined the whole experience for me. I have to admit that I had eaten a fair bit of onion shortly before tasting this, which I thought may have affected my perception, so I tried it again the next day, and although the plasticy taste didn't seem as pronounced, I still got it. So, not a Siegel of approval from me I'm afraid. I'll still be looking for their Export though.

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